The Fragmented & Complete - EP

by Joel

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This is the first of many EP's! I enjoy writing and expressing heavy things, that linger in my heart, through song! I hope all of you can connect with the heart in my music! Enjoy! Please feel free to like my page


released June 19, 2012

Special Thanks:
Logan Schlegel - Producer/Sound Engineer
Jerry Scheller - Art Director :



all rights reserved


Joel Bourbonnais, Illinois

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Track Name: Oceans & Valleys
Verse 1
One and two count in your head
The thoughts that brew and cause you to dread
That regret is at hand and so is your life
Wait for it
Don’t use your hands to block the hit
Wait till you hit on the ground
Then comfort shall be found

If you don’t show
Then where will my mind go
Wander from here to
Nowhere at all
If you don’t show
Will I just let Go
Of what is deeper than oceans and wider than valleys

Verse 2
You and me are fighting in thought of my misery
Caused my internal apathy
Forgetting where I’ve been
Run from it
With nowhere to go, but straight towards it
With hope to one day not lose
My life in all choose
Track Name: Good Mistake
I lent my soul to this world
This package to handle with care
I gave it all skin and bone
Blood and tears
Here it is, no questions asked
Do what you will
I knew I would regret this
Just to get a fill
On something I was never empty on
I knew I could keep on
But that’s when common sense goes

Has there ever been a good mistake I’ve made
I should've seen this coming
Faster than, my heart could have said
You better start running back

I was beaten to death
If you know what I mean
And how much more can I stress
I wasn’t worth saving!
And to consider myself blessed
Your name’s so worth repeating

Are you done with this mentality of thinking
Everything is over
I’ve given everything I have, now give it
Everything you've got
You've got nothing to lose
Track Name: Make Believe
Verse 1
I've been here listening to what you have to say
The Fragmented and Complete is what I choose to seek
From losing its feeling, To gaining, receiving
I need you to lose me completely in You
I'm tired of finding
You when I'm losing
I need You to lose me completely in You

Pre Chorus
'Cause I know what I want
and I know what I need

Take these broken pieces of me
That have nothing to do with You
And I'm upset with everything that I am,
and everything i could ever be
But Making believe is all I see

Verse 2
Silence is golden bricks
Built up and made to fall
Keeping me and keeping you
I'm stuck between the two
I'm done returning, forgetting, and staying
Revolving around who I used be
I'm ready to move on, to give up, to hold on
To everything I've ever known to be true
Track Name: Five:Eight
Verse 1
Use our thoughts as weapons to find grace
Forgiveness in the midst of aching saints
Pointing fingers just as children do
Sometimes blaming yourself is way to true

Look up to the sky and count the stars
A mirror image of my once bleeding scars
Take a look at what you have made
Do you still care for the me you’ve made?

Is love strong enough
...To love me
...To carry the weight of the things that destroy me

Verse 2
A simple beat that hearts can make
But oh, the trouble they can complicate
They follow streets and alleyways
What’s truly leading anyway

The mind, the body, and the soul
Can make one empty never whole
I'm still a mess even with you here
But can controlled chaos take out the fear?
Track Name: Listening (Bonus Track)
Verse 1
Take a breath
Off the shore of broken dreams
Let it sicken your soul
Let the oxygen
Seep into the blood stream
Of full control
I'm tired of weakness
That is in a way killing you
The speech of a mute
The actions you don't do

Are you...

Verse 2
The ocean view
Of a catastrophe in you is showing
You're giving false directions
You're inviting its hope in new ways
Your fingers are broken
Bending the road you ought to take
The speech of a mute
The actions you don't do